Eating Organic Food

There is always endless debate about the merits of eating Organic food, does it taste better, should it be more expensive, is it any more nutritious. One thing I have always been clear about is that I eat organic food when possible as I personally do NOT want to be loaded with herbicides and pesticides…

This campaign, for Swedish supermarket chain Coop, reveals what happens in your body when you switch to eating organic food.

We recruited a family that didn’t eat organic food, the Palmbergs. Then we recruited the Swedish Environmental Research Institute IVL. They started by choosing twelve pesticides to look for.

The first week the family ate only conventional food, and urine samples were taken from everyone in the family, every day. Eight of the chosen twelve pesticides showed up in their urine.Then they switched to 100 % organic food for two weeks. New urine samples were taken, and after a few days almost all of the pesticides were gone.

“We were surprised when we realized the number of pesticides we put into our bodies when we eat conventional food. Now we eat a lot more organic food”, Anette Palmberg says.

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