Cutting back on Coffee

I love coffee! I’m nearly fifty years of age now and I’ve fuelled my professional career with coffee. I am particularly partial to a milky coffee (or seven) every morning at work. When my consumption has become ridiculous I’ve tried to cut back in the past unsuccessfully. Inevitably when the pressure comes on it’s very easy to turn to coffee as a boost to get through the day. Unfortunately, I can never seem to stop at one.

Cafe Latte

This time around I’ve decided to cut it out completely. The first day without coffee was a bit of a shocker – I had a really bad headache all day. But I’ve persevered and now have gone 4 weeks without a coffee (which is a huge achievement for me!).

I have been having a sneaky decaf on Saturdays, however I think I’m going to give up on this as I’m not really enjoying it. I’ve been using a very nice Swiss Water Decaffeinated blend, however it’s just not really the same…


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