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What to do for nocturnal leg cramping

From time to time I suffer from excruciating* muscle cramps in my legs at night. This tends to be a family event as I bolt upright in the bed and stumble noisily through the house in the dark trying to ease the pain by walking around stamping my feet. As this condition is both painful and stressful (for everyone!) I decided to look for a solution.

After extensive research (by which I mean taking what my wife told me to take) I stumbled on a solution that works like magic. Apparently most of the rest of the world already knew that muscle cramping is caused by a magnesium deficiency and by taking a simple supplement you can alleviate this condition.

Magnesium malate from biocare

I now report back after several months of trials (no animals were harmed in the writing of this article) and can unequivocally say that a regular dose of Magnesium Malate supplement by Biocare has done the trick. Not only that, but when I forget to take the capsules and get a cramp a dose will give almost immediate relief.

* I use this term advisedly as in the lexicon of the middle-aged white male anything that hurts ME can be classified as excruciating.